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Facebook Facebook Competition Ideas for Beauty Salons

A Social Campaign On Facebook

During November, we ran a Facebook campaign that revolved around giving people a reason to share our Page and it soon became our most successful marketing campaign to date on Facebook, with a 7% increase in “likers” and a reach of over 6,500 people.

Campaigns marketing to beauty salon clients using text messages

Client Text Message Marketing Campaign

I’ve never been a big fan of using text messaging for beauty salon marketing, despite the depth with which you can decide who receives the campaign and with what criteria you can select. But, we did one last week at our beauty salon, which had been very quiet for a few weeks.


Facebook Pages Are For SOCIAL Conversation

Because it’s free and easy to set up a beauty salon Facebook Page, many salons have got stuck in. But, many seem to still be overlooking the fact that it’s supposed to be a social space. Remember, a Facebook Page for your beauty salon isn’t a sales tool, it’s a marketing tool.


Beauty Salon Offers and National Campaigns

If you struggle coming up with beauty salon offers, or maybe you run offers that simply don’t engage clients, why not take advantage of large national campaigns by creating supplementary offers?

We have two coming up during October and November so I’d thought I’d share the ideas (and the thinking behind them).


Using Video To Promote Your Beauty Salon Online

One area, I still think is being under-utilized for beauty salons (maybe down to cost or knowledge) is video. In this article, I look at how and why you should use online videos to promote your beauty salon.


Claiming Your Salon Facebook Place

Facebook Places came to Facebook in September 2010  and if you own a local beauty salon it’s a great way of interacting with your clients and them promoting you to their Facebook friends.