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Salon Till Receipts That Sell To Salon Clients

Do you ever discover something and wonder why it took you so long, as if it’s been staring you in the face all the time?

We recently discovered sales messages on our till receipts – a simple sales message that can be changed at will.

Campaigns marketing to beauty salon clients using text messages

Client Text Message Marketing Campaign

I’ve never been a big fan of using text messaging for beauty salon marketing, despite the depth with which you can decide who receives the campaign and with what criteria you can select. But, we did one last week at our beauty salon, which had been very quiet for a few weeks.


Beauty Salon Offers and National Campaigns

If you struggle coming up with beauty salon offers, or maybe you run offers that simply don’t engage clients, why not take advantage of large national campaigns by creating supplementary offers?

We have two coming up during October and November so I’d thought I’d share the ideas (and the thinking behind them).


When NOT To Run Offers In Your Beauty Salon

Running regular beauty salon offers is a great idea, if it works for you as the salon owner. But gear your salon offers around your business, not what clients want.

By offering great offers when you are quiet, and ‘not so great’ offers when you are busy, you can maximise your beauty salon profits.


Easter Marketing Campaign Idea For Beauty Salons

So back in February, we had a great idea to help promote the beauty salons to our target market. Aimed at local schools, the idea was to engage children, the school itself and the all important mummies who could be clients.

To say it egg-ceeded our egg-spectations is an understatement (yes, I know that was bad, just couldn’t resist).


Local Beauty Salon Offer Leaflets

We have just opened a new beauty salon in Fleet, a lovely town in North Hampshire with a real sense of community. With local knowledge (my business partner (and wife) hails from Fleet) we set about engaging local businesses that had a common interest. These included Hair Salons, local bars, Wedding Dress Shops, etc.

The key of course is to make sure that the other businesses we engage with are relevant to our own. ie. Would the type of client we want, be similar to the clientele of the other business.

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