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Salon Till Receipts That Sell To Salon Clients

Do you ever discover something and wonder why it took you so long, as if it’s been staring you in the face all the time?

We recently discovered sales messages on our till receipts – a simple sales message that can be changed at will.

Sales and Selling

Retailing In Beauty Salons

I once heard that in salons, retail sales make up to 40% of the profit of the business. Personally, I’m not so sure they do, but there’s no doubt that improving retail sales in your beauty salon is a sure fire way to increase profits. Not to mention developing happier customers who benefit from great aftercare products.


When NOT To Run Offers In Your Beauty Salon

Running regular beauty salon offers is a great idea, if it works for you as the salon owner. But gear your salon offers around your business, not what clients want.

By offering great offers when you are quiet, and ‘not so great’ offers when you are busy, you can maximise your beauty salon profits.

Sales and Selling pricing beauty treatments

Pricing Beauty Treatments

The recent rise in VAT has added pressure on many beauty salons to raise the prices of their treatments. We’ve had to do it in both our salons and it wasn’t just to cover the 2.5% rise either. The salon we bought last year already had a treatment and price list in place and we didn’t want to change anything too quickly. But, as soon as we had the data, we realised that we were actually losing out on a lot of money, especially as the prices hadn’t been raised in nearly four years.

So, how do you decide how much to charge for beauty treatments?