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Managing Beauty Therapist Characters

A crucial element of employing and managing beauty therapists is the fact that they are all different. If you try the same blanket management with all of your therapists, you will inevitably come up against a range of of staffing issues.

Management profitable salons

How Much Profit Do Salons Make?

Whether you run a hair salon or a beauty salon, making a profit is the reason you probably took the risk of setting up your business and if you already run a salon, the chances are you know that making money is one challenge – keeping the cash in the business is another one altogether.

Management big beauty salon mistakes

Six Mistakes Beauty Salon Owners Make

I had lunch today with someone who suggested I write down my experiences of the mistakes I’ve made running a beauty salon, and those I now see others making.

Making mistakes in business is a great way to gain experience, but it’s even better when you can learn from other peoples mistakes.


Less Is More in A Beauty Salon

As I become more mature within the industry there is a trend with some beauty salons that I simply don’t understand. Well, I do, but I think it’s wrong. Don’t offer too many beauty services, offer less.