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Your Salon Brand Cheap Beauty Salon Logo Design

Cheap Beauty Salon Logo Design

Because of globalization, services like design are getting cheaper and cheaper to the point where you can now get a logo designed for aroud the same price of a large cappuccino. Here’s how I did.

Your Salon Brand Your Purple Cow Remarkable Salon

Making Your Beauty Salon Remarkable

The chances are, at least once in your life, you’ve had such as a great experience at a local salon, shop or restaurant that you felt the need to tell other people. So, how do you make it a good one?

Your Salon Brand salon brand value

Valuing Your Beauty Salon Brand Proposition

Recently, I have noticed a couple of local beauty salons offering silly offers for treatments. It actually comes across (to me) as a little desperate and can only lead in one direction. I speak from experience. Here I discuss how to add more value and get out of the discount cycle that many beauty salons are finding themselves in.

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