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Not sure about you, but we are struggling to recruit good beauty therapists at the moment and suffer from people not being prepared for hard work, dedication; or even the ability to be bothered to turn up for an interview.

I actually heard my wife (business partner) call a young lady yesterday about an interview, who I could hear was not bothered to talk, sounding as miserable as sin. She even continued to eat during the call (complete with chomping and fork clattering on plate).

Now of course, we have all sorts of rules, regulations and directives when it comes to employing people, many of which I agree with (although not all). But, here is what I’d really like to write in my job adverts.

Beauty Therapist Required

We are looking for a hard working young lady to come and work in our salon. You will need to realise that the work can be tiring and the pay starts relatively lower than the CEO of a large corporation, but if you work hard you will see your salary increase and will benefit from commissions on the sales you make, so from there on in it’s down to you.

Also, you will get to meet some amazing people along the way –  clients who will offer you a wide range of stories to broaden your view on the world and colleagues who will support, teach and nurture you in your career.

And, as your employer, we’ll also notice if you work hard. If you do, we’ll invest money into training you further which will make you more valuable – both to us in terms of salary and commission, and to the market in general. That in turn tends to lead to pay rises.

About You

Ideally, you will have grown up with parents (or a parent / carer) who have an ethos of hard work, which was probably passed down to them from their parents. You want good things in your life, such as holidays and the latest Smart Phone, but also realise that your job is the vehicle to make money to pay for them, so ultimately you know that work comes first (and that hard work helps you progress faster).

For instance, your job role does not include time to check your mobile phone every 30 minutes during your working day (as if your life involves important things that can’t wait until your lunch break or the end of your day) and that you need to be ready and prepared by the time your shift starts, not walk through the door 30 seconds before.


You will probably have a great relationship with your parents because they have taught you about sacrifice, respect and humility. (That said, you may well also have learned that from another person in your life.) You respect older people in general and understand that actually, they have much more experience than you and are there to be learned from.

You also understand the relationship between great customer service and happy clients that keep coming back (asking for you). You will know that it’s rude to ignore people when they come into the salon, even if they aren’t your clients, and that a smile is contagious. Basically, you care more about making sure another person is comfortable in the salon above and beyond skulking in a staff room out of the way.


If this sounds like you so far, then you sound like a nice person… And we like nice people. In fact, we need nice people.

Sometimes, you even need to be nice when you don’t feel like it. Maybe you’ve had an argument with your boyfriend and feel miserable, but you know to leave that stuff at the door because you want to make sure clients come first.


Whether you are young or older, it doesn’t matter, because above all you have the ability to adapt and learn from your surroundings. People are not defined by age, but by their attitude and approach to life. Some people like to wallow in misery and that’s alright. We just don’t want them applying for a job with us.


You are inspired by people. Not the latest reality star, but by genuine people doing great things. That said, you must also realise they are just people like you and that you are also capable of doing great things. In that way, you can be just as much an inspiration as the people that inspire you. That’s a responsibility you understand and hold dear.


Talk is cheap. You are only worth as much to someone as they see fit. Sometimes, that might mean you work in a rubbish salon and earn good money because nobody knows any different. But, in all likelihood that won’t last long because it’s not sustainable.

So, when you work for us, you realise that although the entry level might look low at the time, you can make yourself much more valuable very quickly.


If you have scoffed at any of this advert or have been offended, you are not the right person for us.

If, however, you realise that some of the things that you thought weren’t strengths at your age are listed above and that they make perfect sense…. let’s chat.


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Working in Hampshire (UK), I have a beauty business with four salons. I'm the guy that sits in the office doing marketing and numbers. My experiences are based on these skills.


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