Why Clients Don’t Care As Much As You Think


There’s a strange phenomenon – more in hair than beauty – where salons are hell bent on getting award after award and recognition. In my experience this seems driven more by ego rather than commercial sense and quite frankly, I simply don’t get it.

Having an ‘award winning’ reputation may work in larger metropolitan areas, such as cities where levels of spending are very different, but what about in a local provincial town?

Clients don’t care about you half as much as you think. Unsurprisingly,..

They care more about themselves

And here is where this matters, and where many hair and beauty salons get it wrong – they are too busy talking about how great they are, rather than promoting what’s in it for the client.

Look at the introductions on your website. And your competitors.

The lead in for any salon (or treatment) should be about what’s in it for the client.

Yes, you’re professional. Yes, you’re friendly – these are a given.

What a client wants to know is whether your beauty salon, is the right one for them.

Mental Tickboxes

Think about the last time you chose to buy something or chose to go somewhere. You have a whole bunch of unconscious hurdles that have to be overcome to make you to agree to buy.

And before you say it… Price is only one of them – and not even usually the ultimate deciding factor.

The key is to understand what those things are.

In my conversations with some clients in passing, I’ve had people tell me their reasons why they chose to go somewhere. Here’s a good example, for instance, of how one client choses her hair salon for very different reasons for her beauty salon.

These reasons are very often quite simple and things you may not be able to account for. Here’s some examples:

  • Access / Parking – I can pop in easily from where I work.
  • Last Minute offers – not a great one for people to use you for.
  • I like the name.
  • The girls are always very friendly.
  • XXX does the most amazing massage.

Price should never be a decider, unless that is seriously your business model. Why work hard for less money?

My Advice

Two things.

Firstly, take time to understand why people use your salon – then sell those things hard.

Secondly. One of the key factors in your business is people. First, there’s you. Are you as good at what you do as you need to be? Secondly, your team are gold (or not). Build the best people, set high standards and reward and train them. Not, I might add, to fuel their egos and win awards, but; to make sure your beauty salon offers clients the things that they want… And need.


About Author

Working in Hampshire (UK), I have a beauty business with four salons. I'm the guy that sits in the office doing marketing and numbers. My experiences are based on these skills.


  1. Hello,
    I work for beauty salon.
    I agree with you that our patient is the most important not our ego.

    How do you think -How long do you have to be in business to have enough experience to be successful?

    • In any business, I don’t think it’s about time… it’s about quality. I know some people who have been running salons for years and keep making the same mistakes. Success doesn’t have a time limit. With that in mind, if you learn, make mistakes but learn by them, adapt what you do accordingly, you can become successful quite quickly.

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