The Story Of Why Someone Gets Their Hair Cut


I had my hair cut a couple of days ago and had a great chat with my hairdresser that I wish I had recorded.

You see I use Tina, my hairdresser, despite the fact that it’s a small old-fashioned barbers and the staff on the front desk have no customer service skills whatsoever. I use her because it’s a 2 minute walk from my office.

If she’s busy, I’ll turn around and come back to try later. What’s more, she only takes around 10-15 minutes to cut my hair.

These are my choices for the reason I get my hair cut with her.

Because of our proximity, Tina also uses our beauty salon sometimes. She never books and waits to be reminded about us by our late list. She’s around the corner, so can benefit when it suits her.

For both of use, convenience trumps all.

But, on my last visit she started telling me about a recent trip she’d taken to a hairdressers called Marc Antoni in Caversham.

She’d been recommended by someone she trusted (who she said also had a great haircut). Tina is in her fifties and is a hairdresser herself so she knows what she wants and [she admitted]she can be quite fickle. So, this was a gamble on her part.

In the past, she’s even been to a top London salon but said she wasn’t made to feel that welcome.

But, the experience, the front desk staff and the stylist all gave her an experience she couldn’t stop talking about. The price was not cheap, but was affordable AND she bought product, which she never usually does – partly because of the experience and partly because of the way it was talked about by the stylist.

And then she said something you may want to bear in mind (especially as Tina wouldn’t be classed as a ‘rich client’)…

Cost wasn’t the most important thing but it was so worth the money!

I won’t be the last person Tina tells. It’s how reputations are built.

What are people saying about you?

Final thought… none of the above really talks about the treatment or the haircut itself – it’s all about customer service.


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