How To Improve Your Salon Re-Bookings


One of the biggest challenges for any beauty therapist is getting, and keeping, clients.

Through the marketing and sales campaigns your salon implements, you should be getting new clients coming through the door each week and you know you need to build up your own column.

re-booking-salon-clientsEvery single new client you personally do a treatment for offers YOU an opportunity to develop YOUR regular client base – to sell the quality of YOUR treatment, the salon experience and… sell YOU as a person.

But, how to you do it? How to you get clients re-booking with you?

In this free 22 page e-book I have written – How To Improve Your Salon Re-Bookings – I share some ideas to help you improve your performance.

Whether you are a new beauty therapist or have worked in a salon for a long time, this short book should help you begin to see new ways of developing your client base. Feel free to download it, share and use it to improves your re-bookings.


About Author

Working in Hampshire (UK), I have a beauty business with four salons. I'm the guy that sits in the office doing marketing and numbers. My experiences are based on these skills.


  1. Hi Craig,
    I am six months into opening a new clinic. Building a client base from zero has been harder than I ever imagined! Please can you give me an idea of timescale, as to when a client base starts to gain momentum? I have been told about two years of pain. I was interested to read your comments on not falling into the trap of offers. We have just opened our Hands &Feet Spa room and because of the time of year, we have been doing half price manicure and pedicures. Do you think this is a mistake?
    Many thanks Claire

    • Hi Claire,

      All things being equal, we reckon two years is about right to be up, running and making a profit. In terms of running your offers half price – I think this is a lot. I you are looking to push it hard, create a good page on your website offering the service, or offer, then set up an Google Adwords campaign (I’ll post how in the next couple of days).

      This way, you can spend the money you’d give away on discount with Google, but set expectations differently. Or, sell 3 for 2 to get repeat business?

      Hope this helps.

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