Do You Look Like A Beauty Therapist?


I’m all for a level playing field and I am no way suggesting what I am about to say discounts you however you look, but the plain and simple fact is that if you look like what you are selling, you will be a much more successful beauty therapist.

Your skin, your eyebrows, your make-up, your dress – your clients will be much more likely to buy into you as a beauty therapist if you look the part.

If you already work in beauty salon, you may well see some of your colleagues look more like a beauty therapist than others. The question is, do you?

Salon Uniform

I work near a hair salon that has a beauty therapist working there. Every time I pass I cast an eye in and nine times out of ten she is wearing skinny jeans (or jeggings) with a black tabard.

Now, she might be a great therapist, but I have two issues with this. Firstly, she doesn’t look like she is at work. Secondly, she simply doesn’t have the figure to pull it off.

Salon uniforms should be well fitted. No busts sticking out, no jewellery, sparkly shoes or cardigans (because you are cold). If your salon has a dress code (or even if it doesn’t) you should do your best to look your best – every day, even if you aren’t feeling your best.

Your Body

It’s not about weight, height or anything like that, it’s about playing to your strengths to prove you know your beauty.

Take me – I’m an overweight 40 something. Can I give advice on marketing? Yes. Would you take me seriously if I was talking about losing weight or being healthy? Of course not.

If your skin is bad, if your make-up is non-existing or (even worse) over-the-top caked on, will your clients take you seriously when you are consulting them before a facial?


If you are serious about your beauty career and are looking to be taken seriously – whether you are a junior, or an experienced beauty therapist – look at it from your clients perspective. It’s not personal, it’s simply a case of walking-the-walk – not just talking-the-talk.

They need someone to believe in – to prove that it’s possible – and that’s you.


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Working in Hampshire (UK), I have a beauty business with four salons. I'm the guy that sits in the office doing marketing and numbers. My experiences are based on these skills.

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