How Much Should I Pay for Facebook & Twitter Marketing


I had an email yesterday from Francesca, who owns a beauty salon in Middlesex UK. In it she asked:

How much should I be paying for Facebook, Twitter, Marketing, etc.?

I am not sure if you can put a price tag on marketing although many companies offer “off-the-shelf” packages. I guess the answer comes from the actual value that you can expect. In my marketing consultancy, we agree outcomes upfront and measure against that. As they consultant selling the service my ideas tend to be geared towards creating sales.

Here are my specific thoughts about marketing and social media for beauty salons…

Facebook & Twitter Marketing

Lots of small companies (usually “one-man bands”) offer Facebook and Twitter marketing and you may think that you are missing out if you are not on board. Remember, their job is to sell you the marketing service and whatever they say, they can not guarantee results.

If they do (and sometimes if they don’t) the chances are they are just buying followers / fans and that can cause more problems. From the outside it may look great as you suddenly add 1,000 new people to you Twitter or Facebook account but the chances are they are not relevant to you or your business.

This example below shows a UK based company I know that bought 1000 followers for $20. It offers zero value with very few (if any) in the UK and nearly 13% alone coming from Vietnam.

Better Salon Facebook Fans

Social Media Marketing

You can pay a company or consultant to do it for you. The first question I would ask is this… how social can that person be for your business? Your clients buy into your beauty salon because of you and your team. Can that person translate your personalities or the personality of your salon brand onto social media? Do you even need them too?

Secondly, the money you end up paying – what value does it offer your business? Does it lead to new customers – NOT NEW FOLLOWERS OR FANS – customers who come into the salon and spend money?

Personally, I say do it yourself. It takes very little time and effort. Invest the money you would spend on a company doing it into buying an iPad or tablet for the salon. Make it a task to get photos of manicures, or daily life in the salon and post them straight to Facebook or Instagram or Twitter.

Don’t expect to get lots of new followers or fans, just imagine speaking to the clients you have. Social media for beauty salons is about conversation. Experiment to find out the posts peoples like. Most of all, don’t be scared. It is not rocket science.

By all means, check on other salons to see what they post and what gets a reaction, but be yourself and develop your own style.

In my opinion, no company or consultant can do you social media marketing any better than you could yourself these days.

Outsourcing Social Media Marketing

Really, this is the bit that should answer the actual question Francesca asked. Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer.

If I were to put my marketing hat on if a salon came to me to ask to do it I personally would reply around one day a month (£480+VAT). That would require them to send me regular pics. For that I would log in every day to check the Facebook and Twitter and look for opportunities for posting.

But, I can categorically say with my salon owners hat on… It would not be worth their money.

In fact, the quickest, easiest, most direct way to get clients online is still probably Google Adwords and running an specific campaign.

Marketing In General

Marketing on the other hand is a much wider subject. As per the example above, I do not think £480 a month is worth paying someone to get value for one beauty salon. Perhaps if you had 3 or 4 it would but can one salon afford to spend £5,760 a year on marketing and show a return?

Some companies spend just as much on local press I guess?

My advice on this would be to invest in a decent website for your beauty salon and here’s an article about How much you should pay for a beauty salon website. Make sure you can update it yourself (many websites now allow this).

Have fun with offers and marketing campaigns to see what works. As you can tell from this website, I get it wrong as much as I get it right. Even John Wanamaker, legendary retailer and marketer once said,

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”



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