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I’ve wanted to do a printed newsletter for the salons for some time now and so recently committed to doing it, mainly in part to me recently discovering online printing companies, such as Solopress and Saxoprint.

Why Go For A Printer Newsletter?

The web has given us cheapness. Facebook Salon pages, email newsletters and social media, etc. But, I’d sometimes hear client comments in the salon (usually older clients) about how they didn’t see some offers because they don’t check their email or they’re not on Facebook.

With around 175 clients per week visiting just one of the salons alone, that’s a potential of 758 people per month coming through (2274 over three salons). It’s a big number.

So, we decided to produce a newsletter for the beauty salons.

How Did We Create It?

Luckily, we have a marketing person in-house that could write the content, source photos and create the artwork then we focused on what we’d say. A combination of:

  • Quarterly newsletter showing salon offers for the next three months.
  • A bit of salon news.
  • Some skincare or beauty advice relative to the time of year.
  • New products or services.

We then managed to upload the artwork file and get the newsletters.

The first issue, we got far too many – 2,000 per salon. So the second one we came down to 1,000 across all of the salons, which saved us around £120.00

Was It Worth It?

From a pure financial point of view (cost), I would say no. The cost of the print on the second run was only £145, but we are lucky that we can do all the artwork, etc. in-house. Although these online printing companies do offer cheap artworking (or you may have your own person) – it’s still another cost.

Then there is the time to do the offers, write the copy and edit it down to fit the size of newsletter you are going for (something you don’t tend to have to worry about online).

But, I genuinely feel that there are benefits with the salon newsletters in terms of ongoing brand building – especially if we can continue to add value into the newsletter, something different from that online. From that end, we will continue them.

They have also helped us focus in and plan our salon offers in advance.

How Can You Create A Salon Newsletter?

Like I said, you may find artwork services from the online printers (eg. for a four page A5 newsletter it was £100.00), but you’d need images and you’d need to write the content. If you have a designer though, they may be able to do the artwork for you. You’ve also got website like – For $5 it might be worth a punt.

Another option, if you are unsure, is to only commit to twice a year for your newsletter to see how it goes. Then the costs, time and effort would be less and you can gauge it better without blowing lots of money.

Finally, one final option is to do it yourself. It doesn’t need to be amazing design to begin with. You could create them and print them on your home printer – at least you are creating the dialogue with your clients and ultimately – that’s the point.

Here’s our beauty salon newsletter as a PDF if you fancy seeing what we did.


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