Five Tips For Making Your Clients Feel Special At The Salon


Everyday you go to work in the salon. You may be having a good day, you may be having a bad day… who knows? You are a beauty therapist and it’s your job.

Your client, for what ever reason, is probably really looking forward to their visit to the salon. It may even be the highlight of their week.

That’s A Big Responsibility… For You!

It is your duty to make sure they have a great experience, a personal experience that makes them feel like a million dollars – whether they are in for a full body massage or a wax. You need to forget about you… your client is paying for THEIR experience and they want their moneys worth.

Why Should You Care?

Well, first and foremost, it’s your job. It’s what you get paid for. Secondly, a happy customer is much more likely to rebook AND, if the experience was good for them, they will re-book with you. That means more clients, more commission, happier boss.

Here’s five little things I have seen beauty therapists do in my salon which make me think they got it right…

1. Preparation

As soon as you get in in the morning (or even the night before) plan your day. Print off your list of clients and keep it handy away from the reception – in a pocket or in the staff room. If there are any clients on the list you are unsure of (and you have the computer systems in place in your salon) check the clients notes and previous treatments – make notes if you need to.

2. Welcome

Five minutes before your next client, check your list and memorise the persons name. That is, if you have time – you should not lose focus on any current clients to focus on the next. If you don’t have time, prepare well in advance. As soon as they walk in the salon, or your walk out to reception to greet them you will know their name.

Alternatively, you could be checking out one client at the till and saying to the next one… “I’ll just be with in you in a minute Sandra”.

People love to hear their name.

I have watched therapists in my salon, walk out of the staff room into reception, walk over to the salon computer booking system completely ignoring the client; check their column AND THEN say hello to the client… “Is it Sandra?”

How much more personal would that experience be if they consulted a list before they walked out and went straight to the client?

3. How Would You Like Your Experience?

Think about the beauty treatment you are delivering and all the times you’ve done it before. The chances are you have have a million and one different experiences in your head to help you get a sense of what a client wants. Find out!

For example, I once had a massage where the therapist kept talking to me. Inside my head, I was screaming SHUT UP! It took half the massage before she realised. I’d never ask for her again.

Or, how about a facial? “Would you like me to explain what I am doing during the facial or would you just like to sit back and relax?”

Deliver the experience the client wants.

4. Focused Listening – Zoning In

If the beauty treatment you are delivering involves talking (waxing, nails, etc.) really put the effort in to let your client to all the talking. The more they talk, the more they will enjoy the experience.

Subconsciously they will find the conversation more interesting because they are doing most of the talking. Your job is  simply to guide them.

That doesn’t mean giving them your experiences or butting in, it means gently coaxing them to continue talking. If in doubt, simply repeat the one word that stood out from the sentence before. Just one word.¬†Eg.

Client – “Yes, I’m just getting my nails done for my holiday next week”

You – “Holiday?”

5. Aftercare Advice

When I say this, I don’t mean sell, sell, sell. Simply talk to your client about what you’ve done and what you genuinely believe will help them. Obviously, the more you know about the benefits of the products you are using, the easier it is.

Believe me, some people will be pee’d off if you don’t give them some advice!!!


Every client is different. But, the more you experiment the faster your experience will grow. Don’t be afraid to put in the extra effort your colleagues may not be.


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Working in Hampshire (UK), I have a beauty business with four salons. I'm the guy that sits in the office doing marketing and numbers. My experiences are based on these skills.

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