Using Criticism To Improve As A Beauty Therapist


We all like to think we are doing well in our job, but the truth is none of us is perfect. As a beauty therapist, you will find yourself getting feedback and criticism from clients, colleagues and from your boss.

You will also get praise (I would hope) but sometimes it may seem the criticism is too much – and you may feel like you are not up to the job or you can not do anything right.  But, you have two options in the way you deal with it:

  • Take it personally and let it get you down.
  • Take it on the chin and learn from it – right or wrong.


One of the key things to remember about criticism – especially if it comes from your salon manager –  is that the way it is delivered may not be of the best quality. Some people simply can’t deliver constructive criticism in a way to get the best reaction.

It may also be that the criticism is just a display of your salon managers own incompetence.

That’s not your fault.

But, from your part, it’s essential that you try to strip away any unuseful feelings and use any feedback as a step for improvement.

Learn Through Feedback

The chances are, you will only ever truly learn something new after a mistake or some constructive feedback. If you are making the same mistake over and over again, that’s an issue. But at the same time, if you never get any feedback for improvement, how can you actual improve as a beauty therapist?

Your Best Questions For Feedback

If you want to get the best feedback possible, you should encourage it. And, remember, being a great beauty therapist is more than just delivering the treatment! So, here’s a couple to get you started…

For A Client

I hope you liked your treatment. If there was anything that would make it even better, I’d Love to know for next time.

This is a great question as it also suggests you will do their next treatment and you want to get better just for them.

For Your Manager

Thanks for the feedback. What would you like to have seen by, say a months time, so that you know that I’ve improved to the level you’d like?

This response works on a few levels. You are putting your salon manager in a position where they have to clarify what you need to do. If you do it, you have reached their expectations.


The people giving you feedback may just be having a bad day, there is no way to know. But, every bit of feedback you get as a beauty therapist – good and bad – will help you improve.

Use it or lose it.


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