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Sometimes, we have retail stock in the salon we want to shift so we run Facebook competition posts as questions to engage people, get a bit of exposure, all the while getting the most out of left over stock. Obviously because we work during the day, we tend to run these during the day but a client recently questioned why we couldn’t do one in the evening because many people at work couldn’t join in. It got us thinking…

Combating The October November Doldrums

If your salon is anything like ours, late September to November are usually quite quiet. Many of our competitors mention the gaps they have on Facebook, which is something we tend to try and avoid, but there is no denying that it gets quiet in all our salons.

So, putting two and two together, rather than give discounted appointments to one and all, we decided to give away some appointments in the way of vouchers, using a popular Saturday night UK TV favourite and a Facebook competition.

The idea was quite simple and was designed to be as engaging as possible. It’s a shot in the dark to some respects, because you simply don’t know what the response will be until the event (like most marketing to be honest), but it’s something new to us and it was really fun to do.

The Big Idea

Strictly Come Dancing is a dancing show on BBC1 in the UK. Like Dancing With the Stars in the US, Australia and other countries, the show has celebrities dancing a routine with professional partners, after which a panel of judges score them.

Our competition idea was that we would ask a question as the celebrity started dancing and the first person to answer it would win. The next part of the game was that they would then go on to win a voucher (in UK £) the same value as the score the judges gave them for the dance.

So, for example, one of the dancers on last nights show was Fiona Fullerton and the question was: Who sang the theme tune to the famous Bond movie in which Fiona played Pola Ivanova? (Duran Duran)

Fiona, then went on to score 26 for her dance, so the lucky winner got a voucher for £26.


We did have some simple rules…

  • The winner will win a treatment voucher for any of our salons, subject to availability.
  • Facebook can be a little bit funny with how it shows posts, and in which order, so we will decide the winner based on the way our Page shows us the order of posts.
  • Only one voucher per person.
  • The vouchers on offer MUST be used during November.
  • It’s all just a little bit of fun!

The fourth rule is the important one – they must use the voucher in the next 2 weeks – during our quiet period. Perhaps, they might even chose a treatment which is a few pounds more than their voucher, which is an added bonus.


I always find it a little nervy when I do things like this – what if no-one takes part? And as I sat in my living room, laptop perched on knees sending my first question, I did start to wonder when I had no answer after 30 seconds. But, at last it came. Then, by question three we started getting much more of a rush of answers by a larger group of people.

Not only was the campaign fun – we had lots of direct feedback saying how much people enjoyed it and what a good idea it was –  we got lots of engagement on our Facebook Page (as you can see from the stats below) with many of the posts reaching over 1,000 people.

Results of facebook competition

I love these kinds of Facebook campaigns for consumer facing companies, simply because they are fun. People taking part get lots of value, and it doesn’t cost your salon business too much to make someone available to deliver treatments to the winners.

So, the question is…. What kind of TV programmes do your clients watch and how can you have a little bit of fun with a competition?

Facebook Beauty competition


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  1. Hi, I love your site and all the research you have put into it you’re obviously a very successful business. This in mind I was wondering what advice you may have for a novice like myself? I used to own and run my own gym but the beauty industry is something new to me. What does it take to be successful in marketing yourself in what is a very competitive area? Kind Regards, Jan x

  2. Hi Jan,

    Unfortunately, your question requires such a long conversation that I am not sure I can do it justice without a few months of discovery.

    But, like any marketing it’s just a case of spending the time trying to understand which type of client you want and concentrating your efforts in that area. Pound of pound, I rate the internet as the best way to do this.

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