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We have just moved our salon website into WordPress using a Wootheme, which also uses a free plug-in that has allowed us to create a shop.

We aren’t looking to sell products (although we may in the future) but we are using it to sell specific beauty salon vouchers online.

Because the e-commerce plug-in allows us to manage stock as it it were a psychical product, I thought I would try something with vouchers, which in turn gave us some sweet ideas of the future. eg. We could create cash quickly on a slow week in the salon.

The Voucher Offer

Beauty Salon Voucher ExampleWe created a product in the system which was a gift voucher for a hot stone massage. We set it to half price and then limited the stock to just three available (see the image of the finished icon here).

Then, we simply promoted it to our Facebook audience.

Although we are giving away £88.50 over the three treatments, we generated the same amount within hours, which is all it took to sell all three vouchers.

It’s like the whole GroupOn idea, although you are in complete control AND you get to build your audience rather than hand the database over to someone else.

I quite like the idea of creating quick and easy promotions that get people excited. I also think it will help to build interest in the whole promotional machine for the salons as some people will inevitably join in, just in case, for next time.


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Working in Hampshire (UK), I have a beauty business with four salons. I'm the guy that sits in the office doing marketing and numbers. My experiences are based on these skills.


  1. Hi.

    I think your website is handy and helpfull. I would like to ask what other idea you have? I just started my beauty business as well. Have it on facebook but still dont have as much as customers. I would like to have more client but dont know what kind of offer I should do? Can you help me with any ideas? I do facial with machines, spray tan, waxin, tannin, nails, manicure, pedicure, individual lashes, almost everythin what salon should have.

    thank you for your help

    • Hello Szilvi,

      I had looked at your website . I hope you don’t mind , the following are my points of views on your website .

      First of all, where are you located exactly ? It may be not relevant to you but clients want to know where you are based . It is also not clear if you are a mobile or you have a shop . If you have a shop display the images online to attract more clients.

      I live in London and I came across to this website , perhaps you can advertise your salon through travel agency … I visited a few times Ireland and I had also beauty treatments done ….

      On the website, You should be consistent when using fonts and colours. Also the content font used is too small , you must look at the words for more than 10 seconds and unfortunately people lose interest when too much time is taken ..

      Additionally , the images are disconnected with the website , I mean you should create a background to create harmony . They are very nice.

      About having more clients ; try to engage with local businesses.
      Checking online you have the famous The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), with 1,000,000 Memberships which will be a good business … Remember one client happy and other 7 are following …..

      These are my webistes and which have been developed by … I have them done almost for free as the guy was creating his portfolio …

      I like very much “your opinion ” page but you are doing a little survey which is a brilliant idea that needs to be used to have a feedback about what can be imrpoved in your salon and understand what the other salons do wrong .. Why not to create a proper survey with 10 questions and give it to the clients when they visit the salon ?

      I developed a few survey specific for Spas and Salons , if you want I will email it to you , you can use what you need as the survey has 50 questions…

      I like helping business on my spare time such as tonight … However , anything you need this is my email

      And thanks to Craig , although I don’t know you I like very much your website , very helpful for exchanging ideas …

      Vanessa Anna

  2. Hi Szilvi,

    There are lots of ideas on this website. This is just me sharing them. If you subscribe above, this is the easiest way to stay in touch.


  3. hi Craig some great ideas on this web site would you mind having a look at my website to see if im doing anything wrong been open since april all started well but seem to be a lot slower now im getting worried

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