When NOT To Run Offers In Your Beauty Salon


There is a temptation with beauty salons, especially with the ease of use of tools like Facebook and email marketing software, to give regular offers to clients.

Some of these may be designed to attract new clients to your beauty salon, some may be for existing patrons, and sometimes, running no offer at all makes even more sense.

Regular Monthly Salon Offers

beauty salon offersIn our beauty salons in the UK, we have a pre-prepared list of monthly offers, with others that can be introduced depending on changing circumstances (such as a new member of the team).

By creating a base level of salon offers, we can be prepared with staff training and product purchases and set up relevant offers depending on the predicted busy-ness of the salons at any particular time of the year.

We create beauty salon offers that are relevant to the season, and, based on past data, we can limit offers during busy times or set up offers that are not time intensive so that we do not eat into profits when all the therapists are busy anyway.

Example Beauty Salon Offers

During the summer months we know the beauty salons will be busy and we know which treatments will be popular, so this gives us a reason not to promote a great salon offer – ie. we need to maximise profits in the salons when demand is high.

Eg. You don’t want to offer discounted pedicures during the summer months

During June, for example, we run a promotion on gift vouchers for Fathers’ Day. This is a simple salon sale that may be used anytime in the future, so it doesn’t necessarily eat into the busy time we have during June in the salon. This was actually done in place of an offer rather than offering money off.

We also promoted our Prom Beauty Package – with no extra discount above and beyond the savings on the package price.

During December, we know we will need to turn people away because the salons get so busy so we will be offering something with very little value or relevance in the hope that no-one needs it at that time.

But, during months we know will be quiet and we need cash to come in, we can be more adventurous. Such as in January, when we usually offer two body wraps for the price of one – saving clients over £50.00.

Salon Offers Are For Salon Owners

If you run a beauty salon, you may come under pressure from clients and staff about when to run beauty salon offers (I know I am) but, always remember, special offers should be used to fill a hole in demand.

It’s no different for retailers (January Sales) and well planned beauty salon offers can be a large part of your business marketing to existing clients. So, make the most of them to fill in the gaps during quiet periods but don’t bow down to pressure on what you ‘think’ other people want.

They will only want bigger offers and more often, and some beauty salons unfortunately fall into the trap of becoming “the offers salon”.

Don’t let it happen to you.


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Working in Hampshire (UK), I have a beauty business with four salons. I'm the guy that sits in the office doing marketing and numbers. My experiences are based on these skills.

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  1. Thank you for the advice. I’m starting a new salon soon and I know I would have definitely gone overboard with special offers. Everything you say makes complete sense and has opened my eyes. Thanks

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