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A couple of months ago, I wrote about a day where we concentrated on answering the phone in the salon and the difference this made to bookings. This article drew in people looking how to answer the phone in a salon.

It’s an interesting question and I’m sure some heavy hitting psychologists and marketeers have tested this to come up with optimum techniques to allow someone to feel comfortable on the other end of the line.

For us, it’s all about personal service. Over 50% of the time, clients are requesting a specific therapist and as regulars, they know most of the girls who work in the salon. So, it makes sense to use a name when answering the phone so that these people know who they are talking to.

Our ideal answer line is… “Good morning, Truly Scrumptious, Claire speaking, how may I help?”

(Obviously, you’d replace name of salon and name of person.)

Mirroring and Rapport

There is also a technique that can be used to create rapport with someone, even if they are on the other end of a telephone. Simply by mirroring the person on the other end of the phone you can create rapport. This needs to be done subtly but it will allow the client to feel more comfortable with your conversation.

And yes, I know this is easier said than done in a busy salon, but here’s some simple tips:

  • Use the same volume and tone as the other person as comfortably as you can. If they speak softly, speak softly back. If they are higher pitched, just try raising yours a little.
  • Speed and intonation – If they speak slowly but quite deliberately, try doing the same. If it’s a fast talker, fire back.
  • The words and phrases someone uses are very special to them. Try bouncing them back (but not to overtly). If someone asks for the cost, don’t tell them the price: tell them the cost. If they have asked for a beautician to do a treatment, don’t correct them by saying therapist.

These simple techniques will help to build rapport. People like people who are like them so the more you adapt the way you communicate, the easier it is for them to buy into you as a person.

For more information about building rapport, it’s worth checking out books about NLP. It can get quite convoluted sometimes but there is some real insight into creating a relaxed client by developing rapport.

Please feel free to share any tips you have below by commenting.


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