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The other week, I was walking through my local town and noticed a client from our salon walking into our main competitors. After quizzing my Salon Manager as to why this would happen she told me that it was probably because she couldn’t get an appointment when she wanted with us. I started wondering how often this happens.

This led me onto thinking about loyalty schemes and how we could incentivise people to keep coming back to our salon, even if it meant being flexible with appointments.

A loyalty card for beauty salons isn’t a new idea by any means but getting the balance right is interesting. The suggestion that we the salon had previously had in place was was “buy ten treatments and then get a £10 voucher”.

We did a little bit of market research, chatting to a few clients, and eventually settled on “Buy Six Treatments Get One Free”.

beauty salon loyalty cards

It would seem that for the client to be ‘loyal’ and want to use the salon loyalty card the incentive needs to be big enough for them to take part. By giving them a free treatment, rather than a discount, they felt they were getting much more.

The incentive also needs to be within reach. Used for waxing every six weeks, a ten treatment loyalty card would take around 14 months to fill up. Six treatments seemed a hell of a lot closer for people to aim for even though it would still take over eight months.


Of course we did include terms and conditions:

  • The card is for the named person only and can not be shared.
  • The free treatment offer is valid for one year from the date of the first treatment.
  • The free treatment must be the same price or less in value than the cheapest treatment paid for.
  • Up to one treatment on the card can be used in conjunction with another salon voucher or offer, all other treatments must be full paying treatments.
  • All treatments MUST tally with our computer booking system and we reserve the right to refuse the free treatment accordingly.


Why not try to make sure that your salon clients remain loyal to you. As much as you think they are (and you may still be their first port-of-call when they need a treatment) they also have their own lives to lead around what’s most important to them.

And, although you can’t force clients to always come to your salon, you can offer a good reason why they should chose you over your competitors and keep coming back.


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Working in Hampshire (UK), I have a beauty business with four salons. I'm the guy that sits in the office doing marketing and numbers. My experiences are based on these skills.


  1. Lauren Mitchell on

    What happens if a person has a lip wax for one treatment at say £5 and then the other treatments are alot more expensive, how would that work with regards to getting the free treatment?

  2. They get the equivalent of the cheapest treatment free. Some clients chose to have more than one card, ie. they may put their waxing on one card and facials on another so not to lose the benefits of getting a free facial.

    A lot depends on how often the client comes in.

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