Why Your Website Needs Quick Facts


Creating the right impression on your website is something we know is very important, especially if you are looking to attract new customers. But, by being so focused on creating the right ambience, you could be sending them away before they start.

I see it a lot. The all important introductory text on a website, full of adjectives and superlatives but incredibly vague with facts. Yes, it is important to create the right impression, but before that, a visitor to your website needs a sign post that tells them that they are at the right place to start with. After all, the web is a very big place.

Imagine. A person can stumble across your website in a number of ways. Here are just a few…

  • Via a search engine when they are looking for you specifically
  • Via a search engine looking for any old beauty salon in the area
  • They could be typing the web address in directly from some marketing material or an advert
  • They could be clicking a link from another website to yours

So, the one thing they need clarity on ASAP is “Am I in the right place?”

What A Web Visitor Needs

On the high street, you have a big sign above the door saying what you do. It also helps that the person that could walk through the door is, at that moment, very local.

But, on the web it’s a different story. So, when someone lands on your website, the two most obvious questions to them will be:

  1. What do you do?
  2. Where are you?

And this also happens in a search engine. The most common phrase used in a search engine when someone is looking for a beauty salon is usually “beauty salons in yourtown“.

So, it makes absolute sense that you display this information on your home page clearly so that a person knows they have landed on the right place.

Here’s how we show it on our Basingstoke beauty salon website (website now changed).

It may not seem super sexy and intriguingly inviting, but on the web people tend to want ‘quick’. In fact, some stats suggest that by the time your page has loaded, people already know if they are staying or not – after all, they have Google and plenty of other choices so they have the power.

And Search Engines Need To Know Too

Another reason for being specific with words is that search engines need to understand when to display your website in a search result.

One of the key factors (but by no means the only one) in how they rank your website is by reading the words on the page. If it finds specific phrases that it can make sense of AND phrases which are relevant, there is more chance your site will pop up when someone is looking for you.

Again, the two key phrases would be what you do – Beauty Salon – and your location.

Double Whammy

So, to summarise, make sure you state the obvious on your website and let people know what you do and your location. It should result in more visitors from search engines and more enquiries from visitors, which is what it’s all really about – attracting new clients to your beauty salon.


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Working in Hampshire (UK), I have a beauty business with four salons. I'm the guy that sits in the office doing marketing and numbers. My experiences are based on these skills.

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