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In the past, one of the more difficult challenges we have faced is telephone calls and more importantly, answering them all. Some times of the week are busier and some people do leave messages, but I recently noticed some stuff that has pushed me to take the plunge in getting a receptionist on board.

As most salon owners will admit, having a receptionist seems like a big overhead, but, if you are getting the demand, they will easily pay for themselves, as well as save your therapists a lot of time that could be utilised.

It started a few of weeks ago from my office (upstairs in the salon) when I could hear the phone ringing on a day where through a bit of bad timings, the salon had to be closed on a Monday. The phone rang and rang and by the end of the day, there were 26 phone messages. This does not include the amount of clients who didn’t leave a message either top article.

I then began to notice spikes in our website visitor traffic showing that Monday and Tuesday were by far the busiest days, despite these being days when we have staff off. Although our online booking system converts on average 25.37% of visitors to book, it made me wonder about the rest… and still the phone kept ringing.

So, this week, we had a new system in the salon… someone to answer the phone on Monday to trial out the difference. Our salon management system allows us to report bookings taken on certain days and it makes interesting reading.

This graph shows the bookings taken on Mondays only, going back to the beginning of June:

So, in one day, we took (on average) over twice as many bookings, worth over £500. If we pay a receptionist to cover the day, the cost would be around £70.

These things are always so obvious in retrospect.


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  1. Sometimes it is the really simple equations that provide the most useful answers. I think this shows that your belief in the value of good data (and the ability to analyse it) is still valid.

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